Data-Driven Efficiency Gains & Risk Reduction

Asset Information Management & Analytics

With enhanced analytics, Perfekt’s AIMA platform uncovers data patterns and insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. This empowers businesses in the utilities industry to accelerate innovation, manage complexity, reduce risk and help control costs. Featuring SAP software, our AIMA solution is key to gaining a competitive edge and identifying efficiencies across physical and digital operations and achieve productivity and profitability benefits.

Get Ahead with Game-changing Insights

Maximise technology investments

Process real-time, unstructured data from smart devices. Implement incremental improvements to enable inclusion of all relevant data for better decision-making. Leverage investments in process control and operational legacy software (PLCs, DCS, SCADA), existing IT, and visualisation tools.

Manage the increasing scale and variety of data

Sensor and unstructured data from equipment can easily run into petabytes every year. Mounting historical data with the velocity of continuous streaming data requires a modern technological approach. Dealing with insufficient and unreliable network bandwidth at remote facilities and edge technologies.

Supply chain visibility and logistics improvements

Insights into production levels, inventory and capacity availability, quality levels, order status from suppliers. Predict supply shortages and/or demand spikes to near perfection using historical data. Continuous logistics optimisations to improve operating margins.

Improve profitability, revenue, productivity and uptime

Improve uptime and spot trends leading to equipment/process failures. Adoption of smart-asset solutions with real-time processing capabilities that enables early intervention to avoid supply disruptions and outages. Improve uptime utilising AI and machine learning compute techniques with real-time, predictive and forecast technologies.


Utilities Identify Data as Critical Competitive Ally

Learn how advanced data analytics can be leveraged for efficiency gains and risk reduction in the utilities sector.
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